13  Active Deterrence

Lorex Active Deterrence cameras feature bright, customizable dual warning lights and siren. Active Deterrence features can be used in combination with other detection features as long as they are supported by your camera, including motion detection, smart motion detection, face detection, face recognition, and virtual fence. By enabling automatic deterrence, these visual and audio alerts will trigger when motion is detected, in turn deterring unwanted visitors (see 13.1 Automatic Deterrence Settings ). You can also trigger the lights and sirens manually from the recorder and remotely on the Lorex Home app (see 13.2 Manually Activate Deterrence Features ).
Refer to your camera’s documentation to locate the warning light, dual warning light, and embedded speaker for siren on your camera.
For a complete list of compatible Lorex deterrence cameras, navigate to your recorder series at .

13.1  Automatic Deterrence Settings

Set preferences for automatic warning light and dual warning light triggering on compatible Lorex deterrence cameras.

13.2  Manually Activate Deterrence Features

The system has multiple options for manually activating deterrence features.
    To activate deterrence features on a single camera:
  • Hover the mouse pointer near the top of the camera image in Live View to reveal the Camera Toolbar. Click icon to activate the warning light, click icon to activate the siren, or click icon on the far right to activate the dual warning light.
  • Activate deterrence features using the Lorex Home app. Go to your camera’s Live View and press the deterrence buttons for siren icon , warning light icon , and dual warning light icon . For more information on using the app, see 20 Connecting Remotely using the Lorex Home‎ Mobile App .
    To activate deterrence features of all connected cameras:
  • Push and hold the front panel panic button on the recorder for 3 seconds.
  • From the Live View display, click the panic button icon on the Navigation Bar.