17  Virtual Fence

The Virtual Fence feature allows you to draw a fence line or an area detection to protect any border or area within the camera’s field-of-view. For enhanced security the system can be set to trigger alarms when an object crosses a designated virtual fence.
  • Fence Line: Fence lines are drawn within the camera’s image to define area boundaries and determine which direction a person and/or vehicle needs to travel to trigger an alarm. If an object crosses the fence line, an alarm is triggered. Fence lines are useful for monitoring when an object is entering/exiting an area, or to monitor areas with flow control.
  • Area Detection: Area detection is a designated area drawn in the camera’s image to detect motion and determine which direction a person and/or vehicle needs to travel to trigger an alarm. If motion is detected within the area detection, an alarm is triggered. Area detection can be used to protect areas where no one should be present or anywhere that should have no activity during non-work hours.
Virtual Fence is compatible with certain Lorex cameras. For a complete list of compatible cameras, navigate to your recorder series at .

17.1  Ensuring Virtual Fence Detection Accuracy

The following are important camera installation notes to ensure accurate virtual fence detection. Refer to the documentation that came with your camera or search for your camera model number at for full mounting instructions.
Minimum Distance
Maximum Distance
16ft (5m)
72ft (22m)
  • Install the camera in a simple environment with low-traffic
  • Avoid facing the camera in areas with blockage or obstructions such as trees
  • Ensure that there is sufficient lighting around the area
  • Angle the camera towards indirect light; avoid locations with complex lighting, overexposure, low light, or strong background lights
  • If monitoring vehicles, install the camera parallel to roadsides to avoid headlights

17.2  Configuring Virtual Fence

Create fence lines or area detection rules to monitor protected areas and trigger intrusion alarms. Select channels that you want to enable virtual fence on and adjust preferences.

17.3  Searching for Virtual Fence Events (Smart Search)

Search for virtual events on a specific channel or the entire system. You can also choose to back up events (USB flash drive required – not included).