16  Face Detection

The Face Detection feature allows you to detect and capture faces in the camera’s field-of-view while triggering alarms and/or notifications. The Face Recognition feature is used to compare captured faces with the Face Database, which can also be set to trigger an alarm and/or send notifications.
Face detection is compatible with certain Lorex cameras. For a complete list of compatible cameras, navigate to your recorder series at .

16.1  Ensuring Face Detection Accuracy

The following are important camera installation notes to ensure accurate Face Detection. For full camera mounting instructions, see your camera’s documentation at .
Minimum Distance
Maximum Distance
8.2ft (2.5m)
2.8ft (0.86m)
10.4ft (3.19m)
9.8ft (3m)
4.5ft (1.39m)
9.9ft (3.02m)
11.5ft (3.5m)
6.3ft (1.93m)
9ft (2.75m)
  • Install in a bright area and avoid facing direct sunlight with strong backlights and dark shadows
  • Choose a location where objects of interest will be no further than 10.4ft (3.19m) from the camera
  • Position the camera about 9.8ft (3m) off the ground to detect the full proportion of a face
  • Angle the camera around 15° down from the level position
  • Point the camera directly where objects of interest will be facing
High Accuracy Face Detection Vs. Low Accuracy Face Detection:
Accuracy will be influenced by lighting conditions and the distance/angle of a person’s face to the camera. To distinguish facial features, the camera must be positioned head on with a clear view of a person’s face. Obscured and partially/fully covered faces will not be accurately captured. To improve the range of face detection in low light conditions, color night vision will switch to black & white. If you cannot meet these requirements for installation, it may be best to follow the guidelines for person and vehicle detection instead.

16.2  Configuring Face Detection

The system allows you to monitor for face detection events. Select channels that you want to enable face detection on and adjust preferences.

16.3  Displaying the Face Preview Panel

Display captured faces from face detection in the Face Preview Panel, located on the right side of your camera’s Live View display.

16.4  Searching for Face Detection Events (Smart Search)

Search for face detection events on a specific channel or the entire system. You can also choose to back up events (USB flash drive required – not included).

16.5  Configuring the Face Database

The system allows you to create a detailed face database to use with the face recognition feature. The accuracy rate of face recognition depends on the face database. A good face database needs to be continually growing, with a variance in lighting, angles, and facial expressions.

16.5.1  Create a Face Database

Create a detailed collection of identities in the face database using two methods.
  • Register faces through imported images (USB required — not included)
  • Register faces captured through face detection

16.5.2  Search for Registered Faces in the Database

You can quickly search through a Face Database by entering the registered face details.

16.5.3  Deleting Registered Faces or a Face Database

You can easily delete registered face images from a face database as well as delete one or more face databases.

16.6  Configuring Face Recognition

Use the face recognition feature to compare and match faces against an existing face database of identities. Before you configure for face recognition, make sure you have a face database to link with. See section 16.5 Configuring the Face Database for more details.

16.6.1  Configuring General Alarm Mode for Face Recognition

General Alarm is used to link face recognition with existing face databases. This way you can be alerted when someone in one of your face databases is detected.

16.6.2  Configuring Unfamiliar Face Alarm Mode for Face Recognition

Unfamiliar Face Alarm is used to detect faces that do not match up with any face databases.

16.7  Searching for Face Recognition Events (Smart Search)

Search for face recognition events on a specific channel or the entire system. You can also choose to back up events (USB flash drive required – not included).