5  Fusion Setup

Our Lorex Fusion recorders incorporate the newest (fusion) technology to connect both wired and Wi-Fi cameras, doorbells, floodlights, and motion sensors to one system. All Fusion compatible Wi-Fi cameras and devices connect to one recorder for continuous 24/7 recording and private local storage. Access everything from the Lorex Home app for easy control of all devices.

5.1  Part One — Wired Setup

For Fusion setup, your recorder must be powered on and connected to a monitor. Refer to 4 Basic System Setup for instructions on setting up your wired system.

5.2  Part Two — Installing the Lorex Home App

Download the Lorex Home app to register an account and add your Fusion devices.
    To enable remote viewing for the mobile app, you will need to:
  • Have high speed Internet.
  • Have an upload speed of 6Mbps for one 4K channel and at least 20Mbps for the whole system.
  • Access your recorder’s Device ID QR code. From the Live View display, right-click for the Quick Menu, then click Info.

5.3  Part Three — Connecting your Lorex Fusion Wi-Fi Camera

Connect your Lorex Fusion Wi-Fi camera to the app and then from your recorder scan your network to add it.

5.3.1  Connecting your Lorex Fusion Wi-Fi Camera to the App

Follow the Lorex Home app steps to add your Lorex Fusion Wi-Fi camera. Refer to your camera’s documentation at for detailed setup instructions. Search your camera’s model number to access the product support page.

5.3.2  Connecting your Lorex Fusion Wi-Fi Camera to your Recorder

Add compatible Lorex Fusion Wi-Fi cameras and accessories onto Fusion Wi-Fi channels on the recorder. To learn the exact number of Fusion Wi-Fi channels for this system, see 31 Technical Specifications .

5.4  Adjusting Fusion Settings

Ensure you turn off duplicate notifications in the app and adjust preferences for your recording schedule on the recorder.

5.4.1  Turning Off Duplicate Notifications

After Fusion setup, your Lorex Fusion Wi-Fi camera is connected to the Lorex Home app twice. To avoid duplicate notifications, turn off alerts for your Lorex Fusion Wi-Fi camera that’s connected under your Fusion recorder.

5.4.2  Customize your Lorex Fusion Wi-Fi Camera’s Recording Settings

After Fusion setup, your Lorex Fusion Wi-Fi camera’s recording settings will automatically adjust to Continuous, recording 24/7 directly to your recorder’s hard disk drive. To adjust your Lorex Fusion Wi-Fi camera’s recording settings, see 10 Recording .